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Font Manager Software Review
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Font Manager Software Review
Font Manager Features
Font Activation/Deactivation
Supports OpenType Fonts
Supports TrueType Fonts
Supports PostScript Fonts
Group Font Activation/Deactivation
Auto Font Activation/Deactivation
Protect System Fonts
Corrupt Font Detection and Quarantine
Font Repair/Resolve Conflicts
Identify Duplicate Fonts
Collects Fonts for Output
Backup Capability
Access to Online Font Store
Font License Management
InDesign Plugin
Illustrator Plugin
Photoshop Plugin
Quark XPress Plugin
Font Viewer Features
Preview Fonts in Multiple Sizes
Search Fonts
Group Fonts
Print Font Samples
Preview Uninstalled Fonts
Character Set Display
Sample Sentence Display
Custom Sentence Display
Displays Font Information
Save Font Sample in HTML Format
Preview Fonts on Websites
Preview Fonts on Desktop
View Fonts in a Slideshow
Ease of Use
Intuitive Software Design
Frees Up Computer's RAM
Features Function Properly
Easy to Activate/Deactivate Fonts
Help & Support
Contact Agent
User Manual
Support Configurations
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP